...resembling the ghost of Pavarotti...

– Claudia La Rocco, The New York Times

David, a force of nature, is best known as the player behind and in The Love Show. He is a genius, bon vivant, and all around good guy.

– Steve Lewis,

With his deep, basso profundo, Slone devours his musical numbers with a panache one would expect to see on Broadway.

– W. S. Gooch,

I was particularly keen on the Mephistophelean David F. Slone Esq., who did a Weimar sounding version of “It Was a Very Good Year” with Matt Dallow on accordion. That was my cup of tea, and within spitting distance of my own passions and proclivities.

– Trav S.D., Travelanche

David Slone plays Mr. Crummles and Mr. Squeers with the boundless energy of P.T. Barnum. This supreme showman... speaks each word with the pleasure of someone devouring chocolates slowly, assiduously chewing each syllable....

– Claude Solnik,

As [the Squeers], David F. Slone, Esq. and Luba Mason rivaled the Thenardiers of Les Miz...  Mr. Slone, Esq. was also the genial Crummles.  His portrayals were probably the closest to Dickensian...

– Joel Benjamin,

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