The Legend

Born on the day that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated, David F. Slone, Esq. was born to save the world — a destiny from which he has been running his entire life. Raised on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, his was a life of relative ease an privilege. Mixing from an early age with debutantes and drag queens, he was exposed to all that life had to offer.

He was quick to channel these life experiences into the arts. He debuted on the New York theater scene in the early seventies in the title role of an all but forgotten musical, Off-White. However, shortly thereafter, he disappeared from the professional stage for nearly two decades.

While historians disagree as to the exact details, it seems that David spent the era from the mid-seventies to the mid-nineties focussing on his formal education. By the time he returned to the New York stage, he had earned Ivy League degrees in both philosophy and law. It has been theorized that he pursued the latter degree simply so thy he might add the honorific of Esq. to his name. This theory is lent some credit by another example of his strange vanity: Some years ago, realizing that he would never be a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon, David became a member of Mensa, strictly for bragging rights. However, despite strong academic scholarship suggesting that non-Hassidic Williamsburg was overwhelmingly clean-shaven before his arrival one-decade ago, he refuses to accept credit for having introduced the beard to the hipster community of Brooklyn.

Upon his return to the city, he returned to the stage, working with such underground luminaries as Jonathan Ames, Julie Atlas Muz, Tom Murrin, and David Levine. Along with his mother, performer and lyricist Bobbie Horowitz, David founded, ran and taught for The Times Square Group, bringing arts education to underserved populations in the NYC school system. His edgy, remixed arrangements of standards and show tunes have been commissioned by the likes of notorious gender illusionist, Lady Clover Honey. He produces and emcees Angela Harriell’s The Love Show and their alternative holiday perennial, Nutcracker: Rated R, traveling the country and touring Japan.

As a singer, actor, and variety performer, David has shared the stage with such stars of cabaret, circus, film, radio, and Broadway as F. Murray Abraham, Sarah Rice, Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick, Rob Base, Phoebe Legere, Constantine Maroulis, Tammy Grimes, Michael Musto, and Randy Jones.